Strategic partners

partnersBSIDE leads a search for strategic partners who would collaborate in the structure of our clients for the purposes of executing an expansion plan, allowing them to improve their position on the global market, thus contributing to ensuring company’s long-term viability. This could be an industrial or a technological partner, whose synergy with our client would maximize the revenues for both companies as a result of a strategic alliance.

Since the market becomes more and more global each day, we have helped our clients to find strategic alliances in order to expand, obtain a financially solid position and/or efficiency by taking advantage of the economies of scale, capturing the maximum amount of synergy in each transaction.

We firmly believe that any company that wants to become a leader in its market segment should strive to be represented on different continents and capture business opportunities generated mainly in the emerging countries. Sometimes, it does not dispose of capital or credit for the investments required for executing an expansion plan, thus it could benefit from a search for a strategic investor and an industrial partner.