Purchasing projects

After analyzing our client’s current purchase management situation, BSIDE can offer collaboration in the following formats/projects:

1. Organizational improvement: Before executing a purchasing project we analyze whether the company’s purchasing department is able to manage and implement the proposed project. BSIDE assists its clients to redefine functions performed by buyers and the purchasing department with an objective of releasing resources for execution of savings projects, fostering provider relationships, etc.

proyecto12. Negotiation with Suppliers: Activities and negotiations carried out with current providers for the purposes of reaching cost objectives, taking into account technical and quality requirements at all times. This process entails an in-depth study of provider’s production processes and internal organization for the purposes of implementing “lean” activities aimed at reduction of provider’s operating costs and obtaining better purchase prices.

servicios33. Value analysis: BSIDE employs a very precise methodology in order to determine whether the products would be sensitive to cost-reduction improvements. Sometimes they are oversized or they could benefit from engineering improvements aimed at making them more efficient. BSIDE will monitor this entire process, which involves an in-depth evaluation of design, specifications and productive processes in order to analyze all parameters and thus, acting together with our client, optimize them and make better decisions with regard to each product or product group.

proyecto34. Outsourcing: Outsourcing of processes that no longer form part of a “core business” or that are no longer competitive when handled internally. In this way, we also convert a greater flexibility into an internal variable cost, obtaining a higher level of flexibility.

servicios55. Innovation: In many cases, company innovation project requires a provider or a strategic partner who would participate in the development. BSIDE helps its clients to find exactly the partner the company needs for implementing their projects.

servicios66. Relocation: For many companies, launching a partial or complete relocation process requires an extensive amount of staff and financial commitment, which exceeds their capacity. BSIDE offers to search a partner for the implementation of the common project. Our contacts in China, Morocco and Brazil allow us to find a partner company for a manufacturing process with the aim of cutting costs and/or opening new sales markets.

servicios77. Purchasing in China: Carrying out a purchase in this country requires a project implementation with participation of a cross-disciplinary team to ensure a successful implementation. Our office in Shanghai and the knowledge of the Chinese market allow BSIDE to lead a purchase project in China. Each product has its own peculiarities, but nonetheless, technical and Quality component is a factor that has to be supervised and ensured in a very careful way. We have a vast experience in handling such matters.