About Bside

Who we are ?
BSIDE is a cross-disciplinary company focused on helping our clients to reduce costs, improve overseas sales and identify partners with synergy potential. Our headquarters are located in the center of Barcelona. Additionally, we have a separate office in Shanghai, China. BSIDE has been created by a group of experts with extensive experience in the areas of Purchasing, Quality, Engineering, Sales and General Management in large companies who had decided to venture off on the entrepreneurial and  in order to offer custom-made consulting services for each need.Since its creation in 2009, BSIDE has had an opportunity to work with some of the biggest companies on the Spanish market.
BSIDE’s success factors are based on a combination of automobile industry methodologies, experience of its partners in different industrial environments and an international business perspective. At the same time, our own office in Shanghai and our collaborating agencies in Sao Paulo and Tangier allow us to carry out projects with Asia, Latin America and Arabian countries.


We help  with our know-how, experience and professionalism to areas of key interest for our clients, attaining optimum positioning at their target markets.


We contribute with the evaluation and implementation of the most adequate strategy for each situation and each client in a unique manner, with an objective of enhancing their competitive position in a global market.


Passion, Balance, Respect and Professionalism.